eID client Application User Guide for OS Windows - Slovensko.sk

6 Apr 2017 ... 4.1.2 2nd step: Entering of personal security code (PSC/BOK) and ... Chip card reader with installed driver, see Appendix No 3 – List of tested ...

eID client Application User Guide for OS Windows - Slovensko.sk - وثائق ذات صلة

eID client Application User Guide for OS Windows - Slovensko.sk


6 Apr 2017 ... 4.1.2 2nd step: Entering of personal security code (PSC/BOK) and ... Chip card reader with installed driver, see Appendix No 3 – List of tested ...

SWsoft Plesk 8.2 for Windows Client's Guide


Uploading Sites Through Plesk File Manager ................................................................... 52 ... Setting Up Additional Domain Names for a Site (Domain Aliases) .

SAS 9.4 Integration Technologies: Windows Client Developer's Guide


For more information about logging errors, see “SAS Object Manager Error. Reporting” on page 51. Note: Whenever you assign a reference to an object variable, ...

Oracle Database Client Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows


18 Feb 2009 ... Oracle Database Client Installation Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft ... Chapter 5 describes how to remove Oracle Database Client. 5.

Windows 8 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure image client tuning guide


Windows 8 operating system image being deployed as part of a Windows Server 2012 Virtual. Desktop ... Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit v8 .

AWS Client VPN - User Guide - AWS Documentation


18 Dec 2018 ... Amazon's trademarks and trade dress may not be used in connection with any product ... FATAL:CLIENT_EXCEPTION: connect error: Missing External PKI alias ... SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting.

VPN Client Software User Guide - Proxicast


The IP address of the network (LAN) of the company (example: (1). (1) By default, the remote network address is used with a prefix length of 24.

MC9000 TelnetCE Client User's Guide


the status and results of the uninstall process. 6 Click OK to close the Remove Programs From Your Computer dialog box. 7 Close the Add/Remove Programs ...

Endpoint Security Client User Guide E80.64 for ... - Check Point


17 Aug 2016 ... Infected - A bot was detected/prevented on your computer. The status changes from infected based on the policy configured by your administrator.

Endpoint Security Client User Guide E80.71 for ... - Check Point


5 Dec 2017 ... Infected - A bot was detected/prevented on your computer. The status changes from infected based on the policy configured by your administrator.

UniCredit Bank Application user manual for Windows


8. To activate your new certificate, please, mark it (near Inactive) and select Print activation form from the dropdown list (Select action…) ...

HICAPS Connect Application Install Guide For Windows 7


The above list details all the versions of Windows operating systems that are supported with the HICAPS Connect application. Please check the version of ...

Oracle Application Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows


Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Planning Guide, 11g Release 1 ( ... This chapter describes how to install and deinstall your Oracle Fusion ...

Malwarebytes for Windows User Guide


WARNING: If you are upgrading from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 2.x and have ... need to check that box and enter your License ID along with your Key.

Application Manager User's Guide - Avid


Adobe and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems ... To install Application Manager on Windows, click to download the.

DivX Plus Player for Windows User Guide


If you've added the DFX Audio Enhancer Plug-in for DivX Plus. Player, you can ... Try copying and pasting your serial number to make sure no characters were ...

DivX Plus Converter for Windows User Guide


DivX Converter, and click the “Enter serial number” button. A ... process if you also bought the MPEG-2 Plug-in or DFX Audio. Enhancer. With the full version of ...

Double-Take Move for Windows User's Guide


If you are using avast! anti-virus software, it must be installed in its default ... Minimum free disk space—This is the minimum amount of disk space in the ... Obtain activation key offline, then activate—If you do not have Internet access, go to.

PGP™ Desktop for Windows User's Guide - Broadcom


Finally, use PGP Desktop to shred (securely delete) sensitive files—so that no ... Shortcut Menus in Windows Explorer (see "Using Shortcut Menus in Windows.

Cisco Jabber for Windows 11.0 User Guide - Cal U


11 Sep 2015 ... Step 3. Select Add then OK. Add External Contacts. Cisco Jabber lets you add contacts from chat applications that are external to your ...

avast! BackUp for Windows User Guide


restore files (in the case of computer failure, loss, etc.), avast ... install the MS Windows Multilanguage User Interface (MUI) appropriate for your operating system.

User Guide Troubleshooting AIS Application for Microsoft ... - IRAS


20 Dec 2019 ... Download Java Runtime Environment . ... and Submission Application and/or Offline Application, you must have Java Runtime Environment.

Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Windows Help User Guide - FHI


Overview of Thomson Reuters EndNote. Welcome to EndNote X7 - the complete reference solution! EndNote is an online search tool. Search online ...

CropWat for Windows : User Guide - Semantic Scholar


10 Aug 1998 ... managing soil moisture during the growing season. • CropWat for Windows cannot at present calculate crop water requirements for rice. Page 5 ...

Compass for Windows User Guide - Certiport - Pearson VUE


14 Jan 2020 ... Configuring the proxy settings for how Compass will connect through a proxy server. ❖ Checking for Office compatibility (MOS LITA exam ...

PSN Application Portal - User Guide - City of York Council


http://www.york.gov.uk/ictportal or https://secure.york.gov.uk. If you don't wish to access or aren't authorized to access the PSN applications, click the “click here”.

HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit Windows Edition User Guide


Microsoft, Windows, Windows Server, and Windows Vista are U.S. registered ... Use the drvload tool, drvload.exe inf_path, where inf_path is the path to a device ...

The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool in Windows user Guide


The Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool - Windows® User Guide R7. Page 2 of 26. LEGAL INFORMATION. INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED IN ...

Primavera Cost Control Application User's Guide - Oracle Help Center


and management tracking sheets to monitor your project on a daily basis. Although you must enter your company users into Primavera. Unifier, add your ...

Lenovo 100e/300e Windows 2nd Gen User Guide - CNET Content ...


ii Lenovo 100e/300e Windows 2nd Gen User Guide ... Get started with Windows 10. Learn the basics of Windows 10 and start working with it right away.

IBM Spectrum Protect: Client Messages and Application ...


IBM Spectrum Protect server and client messages format . ... Severe. The product or a product function cannot continue. User ... complete the requested operation. ... mover to perform an operation for the indicated node ... with your Windows system administrator before ... For UNIX systems that support resource limits, check.

Swift Email Verifier API Client for Windows


Disposable Email Address (DEA) provider such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail and about 2000 more. Email Validation API Statuses and Status ...

Installing the OneDrive for Business Client for Windows


Note: The following steps are for the machine with Office 2007/2010/2013 installed. You may install. OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) component directly from the Office 2013 package. ... Select language and then a version based on the installed MS Office version. 4. Click to ... Office 2007/2010/2013 in 32-bit.

HOW-TO: VNC secure tunneling using Windows PuttY ssh client.


Objective: Getting secure (and fast) connection from Windows environment to remote VNC server behind router/firewall (such as FREESCO) with ssh server ...

cybercafe system using client— server application farhana binti ...


2.4.1 Tinasoft Easycafe. 9 ... 7. REFERENCES. 125. 8. APPENDIX A. 128. LIST OF TABLES. TABLE NO. TITLE. PAGE. 3.1 ... server's main window of. 27. 2.21.

Java Client Side Application Basics: Decompiling ... - Aircrack-ng


performing 802.11 wireless attacks (Aircrack-ng.org aside). The focus of this whitepaper is to provide a step by step walkthrough of popular wireless attacks.

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