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PubMed grew out of NCBI's Entrez project which, since 1992, has offered a subset of MEDLINE records related to molecular biology. In addition to encompas- sing ...

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aug97 for pdf - NCBI - NIH

PubMed grew out of NCBI's Entrez project which, since 1992, has offered a subset of MEDLINE records related to molecular biology. In addition to encompas- sing ...

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of each dNTP (Pharmacia), 1 nM (2 units per 100 p.l) Taq polymerase (Cetus AmpliTaq), 50 mM KCl, 0.75-3.0 mM. MgCl2, 10 mM Tris (pH 8.4), and 0.01% ...

Cytokinins - NCBI - NIH

systematic search for compoundsthat would oppose the action of the cytokinins has beenreported. The synthesis of a potent cytokinin antagonist is of con-.

Untitled - NCBI

THERAGRAN is often indicated as a high potency ... Also available with minerals as THERAGRAN-M. 2 ... Contact: George H. Lowrey, M.D., Professor and.

and pseudoglioma - NCBI

Rubeosis iridis is a familiar clinical term denoting the presence of newly grown blood vessels on the iris. The term "rubeosis iridis diabetica" was coined by Salus ...

3 5 iry Session A3 4 6 - NCBI - NIH

participates as a co-activator in cAMP-regulated gene expression, by interacting with ... a superior measure for fine mapping because it is directly related to the re- ... 2.6 cM median distance between markers is tightly integrated with the physical map- ... S. Loader. 900. K. Sedun. 1722. C. Julian-Reynier. 1701. J. R. Botkin.

Trimethoprim - NCBI

In parallel experiments with sulpha- furazole alone no change in the MIC was observed. TABLE III. RESULTS OF TRAINING TO RESISTANCE BY TRANSFERS ...

jaundice - NCBI

Jaundice or icterus, is the yellow colouration of ... been used to distinguish two types of bilirubin in serum ... obscure instances of obstructive-type jaundice.


search that allows a single query to span the traditional NCBI-sequence databases; Nucleotide and Protein; the literature databases, such as. PubMed®, PMC ...

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sudated syrup algemene osiy ... INDICATIONS: SINE-AID Is indicated for the temporary relief of ... organisins, 40 mg/kg/day is recommended, up to 1 g per day.

Osteomalacia and osteoporosis - NCBI

Osteoporosis and osteomalacia are common forms of metabolic bone disease. They share certain features in common-namely, bone pain, decreased bone.

Bilirubin metabolism - NCBI

jaundice requires a knowledge of bilirubin metabolism. As advances have been ... unconjugated bilirubin concentration, provided that liver function is normal.

both apoptosis and necrosis - NCBI

ABSTRACT. Apoptosis and necrosis are two types of cell death with different morphologic features. We report here the isolation of a monoclonal antibody, BV2, ...

dental caries - NCBI

Natural arrested carious lesion. Early studies. In 1912 the American, J Head, described a series of experiments in which human saliva was shown to have the ...

Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis - NCBI

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of RNA. Prep- aration of 2.2% polyacrylamide, 0.570 agarose gels. (0.6-cm internal diameter, 8 cm long) was carried out.

A mechanism for RNA splicing - NCBI

nuclear RNA splicing enzyme and forms base pairs with both ends of an intron so as to align them for cutting and splicing. Intramolecular RNA splicing, first ...

Hypophosphataemic osteomalacia associated with a ... - NCBI

resembled giant cell tumours, fibromatoses, neuril- emmomas, osteosarcomas, and chondrosarcomas. Indeed, the true malignant nature of the tumour.

The Anatomy of Gallstones - NCBI

The Anatomy of Gallstones *. NATHAN A. WOMACK, M.D., ROBERT ZEPPA, M.D., GEORGE LEE IRVIN, III, M.D.. From the Department of Surgery, University of ...

Contracted Pelvis - NCBI

Total contracted pelvis . Maternal deaths. Perinatal mortality. Spontaneous delivery. Forceps delivery. Induction of premature labour. Caesarean section (total).

artery during pregnancy - NCBI

nature in the left epigastrium or hypochondrium may occur, and is characteristically increased by exertion or by changes of posture. There may also be ...

Anatomical Notes - NCBI

THE skeleton of which the skull described forms a part was obtained from a ... No part of the zygoma is seen when the norma verticalis ... Norma lateralis. 183.

Keratosis Pharyngis - NCBI

irregular, greyish masses on either tonsil, mainly round the crypta magna, on the posterior part of the tongue and on the back wall of the pharynx. Some are fully ...

Aspergillus flavus - NCBI

fumigatus and other AspergiUlus species. Aspergillus species cause several human diseases, including allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, hypersensitivity ...

senile cataract. - NCBI

benstein [1914], viz. that senile cataract is due to parathyroid deficiency. Their suggestion is based on their observation that 88-2 % of patients whom.

immunohistochemical study - NCBI

cases and lymphocytic piecemeal necro- sis in eight cases, but intra-acinar inflammation associated with hepatocyte necrosis was observed in only five cases.

of Cefadroxil and Cephalexin - NCBI

TABLE 1. Urinary excretion ofcefadroxil or cephalexin after 500 mg p.o.. Cephalexin. Cefadroxil. Time (h). Cumula ...

with myeloid leukemogenesis - NCBI

DNAreplicationfrom the Ad core does not occur in the in vitro system with purified proteins required ... factor stimulating Ad core DNA replication, designated tem-.

The MCQ in the Primary FRCS(Eng) - NCBI

J S P LUMLEY MS FRCS ... The Glasgow college carried out a careful assessment of ... in the Primary Fellowship Examination in Glasgow: PhaseIV of.

Incomplete Abortion - NCBI

29 Dec 1994 ... (C) 1995 Wiley-Liss, Inc. Prophylactic Antibiotics for Suction Curettage in. Incomplete Abortion. Kirk D. Ramin, Susan M. Ramin, ...

genetic recombination - NCBI

studying generalized genetic recombination. The system uses extracts from Escherichia coli as a source of enzymes and plasmid DNA molecules as substrates.

hypopituitarism in first cousins - NCBI

pituitary dwarfism; and that the signs of androgen deficiency are not apparent till puberty approaches. A deficiency of the anterior pituitary or the adrenal cortex ...

Free Cholesterol Metabolism - NCBI

nation of the metabolism of the lipoprotein free cho- lesterol fractions indicated that HDL-free cholesterol was preferred over LDL-free cholesterol for bile acid.

The Ætiology of Leucorrhœa in the Virgin - NCBI

The secretion from the racemose glands of the cervix is thick, mucoid, normally small in amount and definitely alkaline, the pH ranging from 8-o to 9-0. The.

GEO: the Gene Expression Omnibus - NCBI - NIH

—Links: Links to other NCBI Entrez databases including. GenBank, PubMed, Gene, UniGene, OMIM, Homologene,. Taxonomy, SAGEMap, and MapViewer. The ...

When the logarithm of the clotting time was - NCBI

were added, and the coagulation times were recorded. OBSERVATIONS. Clotting time of hemophilic blood mixed in vitro with varying amounts of normal plasma.

The Tuning Fork Tests - NCBI

o(lify the pitch of the fork for delicate tests. Next. the fork slhouild ... instance, in making the Rinne test, you are con- ... This test is a miodification of the Weber test.

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